electrical energy
  • design, construction of energy facilities
  • equipment and devices for the production and transmission
  • electrical installations materials, protection, control and measurement devices
  • equipment for underground and surface mining
  • equipment for enrichment, processing and transport of coal
  • equipment for geological exploration
  • equipment and systems for protection and safety in mines
gas and oil
  • products of oil derivatives
  • transport, storage and traffic of oil and oil derivatives
  • transport, storage and distribution of natural gas
solar energy
  • photovoltaic systems (design, equipment, installation)
  • solar thermal technology (design, equipment, installation)
wind energy
  • wind turbines, electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic equipment and components
  • consulting, design, installation
  • biodiesel, biogas, biohydrogen, biomass from waste
  • biomass storage, briquetting machines, pellet mills
  • equipment for gasification and incineration
  • bioreactors, boilers, turbines
energy efficiency
  • energy efficiency in buildings (design, materials)
  • low-energy housing: reviews, certification
  • energy efficiency in industry
  • led lighting, lighting control systems